Camilla Carzaniga lives and works in Brianza.

She graduates at the Polytechnic of Milan in Urban Planning; after a brief period in the field of fashion, in 2005 she obtains a Master’s degree in ‘Urban Architectural City Design’ at the Domus Academy.

After some collaborations with architecture and engineering firms, and back from a workshop in New York, she deepens the theme of the relationships that exist between the shapes of nature and the architectural structures through the photography and the study of light.

Her creations represent the meeting between the art and the design worlds.

Inspiration is nature, its eternal beauty that touches the soul in the depths.
The sunrays that pass through the tree fronds, the glitter of the dew on the blades of grass and the majesty of the exotic fauna, peacocks, flamingos, herons are her favorite subjects.

Brass, steel and aluminum are drilled in order to allow the internal light source to emerge outward almost point type.
Thus light becomes a complete sensorial experience in which the pleasure of losing ourselves is almost instantaneous and it is not only a functional lighting element.