After a period of collaborations with architecture and engineering, in 2005 I started a personal journey that is the result of a research that transversally involves the world of art, design and photography and gives rise to the creation of sculpture-paintings

the origin is nature that I reinvent through a collage of photographs taken by me; surreal, almost dreamlike compositions of exotic animals, flowers and small geometric shapes which I then reproduce on a plate of metallic material and resin.

A methacrylate panel, on which a LED circuit follows the drawing, illuminates my sculpture-paintings from the inside.

The result is a work that is never static: the light is adjustable in terms of color and intensity. Behind the cracks of a definite and rigorous external shape, you can see a luminous, secret and “infinite” interior space.

The evolution of my works is oriented on the one hand to the combination of light and sound; through the recordings of sounds coming from the natural world, on the other, in search of a dialogue between the work and the photographic image that inspired it.

“A sculptural form should give life to space, not just occupy it; should trigger our curiosity to discover its hidden side” (quote by Giacomo Benevelli).